“Thank you so much for yet another great day of learning mixed with laughter and play on the river.  Can’t say enough what a great teacher we had!  Really looking forward to practicing the stern draw which really seemed like the missing piece to the puzzle to me.  And big thanks for taking the time to give us such nice pics of our trip.  That’s quite the extra touch.  I’m looking forward to another trip this year. ”  Kelly K., Inwood, WV  


“I took the 3-lesson intro to rolling with Potomac Kayaking Company.   Our instructor was the absolute BEST I’ve had by far since I started paddling in 2008.  I truly appreciate the way he broke down my individual issues into manageable chunks.  His cool, calm, positive and encouraging demeanor puts you immediately at ease.  Walking away from the first session I had assignments to do in my bathtub!  By the second session, I successfully rolled on my own!  By the third session, I was able to repeat it and build my confidence.  I highly recommend the Potomac Kayaking Company!”   Pansy P., Haymarket, VA, April 2012


“I’ve taken several classes with Potomac Kayaking this year, including the whitewater workshop and have absolutely loved all of them.  I have gone from being a novice kayaker to feeling much more comfortable in my boat, in rapids, and with my roll. In fact, thanks to Potomac Kayaking I have a roll!  I’m looking forward to my next course in one of the beautiful settings around D.C.”  Alyson R., Washington D.C., August 2011


I liked everything from the size of the class to the venue to the excellent equipment.  The best thing, though, was the instructor, who focused on safety, technique, and always explained how the various strokes are used.  He made sure that everyone was both comfortable and having fun. The beautiful day did not hurt.”  Debb Z., Washington, D.C.  June 2010


“This was my first kayaking lesson since childhood, and I greatly enjoyed it. As someone who has been searching for a new physical activity to do on the weekends, the instructor made me feel comfortable getting back on the water after nearly two decades! He made it very fun and I am looking forward to my next lessons. Kayaking 102, here I come!  Dan D., Silver Spring, MD, May 2010


“My first lesson with Potomac Kayaking was excellent. As a beginner with no previous experience, I really enjoyed paddling on a calm and beautiful lake. The instructor was patient, outgoing, and experienced. I highly recommend the beginner class to anyone who has always wanted to kayak but has never been brave enough to undertake the task!”  Jenny K., Silver Spring, MD, May 2010