Signing up for lessons is easy!  Just pay with Paypal, complete a registration form, and print and sign a waiver to bring with you to class.

Step 1:  Pay for your classes using Paypal or credit card by choosing the appropriate drop down menu for either sea kayaking or whitewater kayaking.  Note, you do not have to be a Paypal member to use Paypal.

Kayak lessons and trips

Whitewater Lessons and Trips

Step 2: Complete a Potomac Kayaking Class Registration Form (each student must complete a separate form).  Here’s a link to the class schedule if you need it.

Step 3: Print, fill out, and sign an ACA Adult or Minor membership form and waiver and bring it with you to class along with the membership fee (see top of the form for details).


Classes fill up fast (we like to keep them small), so we suggest you sign up as early as possible;

Don’t have time to complete a course this year?  Don’t worry, you can take the class next year.

Other questions?  See our answers to frequently asked questions.